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We look towards the pragmatic and sustainable integration of renewable energy systems especially in new build projects where the levels of insulation provided can ensure their efficient and effective applications.

Rising energy bills and environmental concerns have taken renewables from curiosity to becoming a compelling selling point on the property market.
Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels were effectively combined with ground source heat pump technology in our award winning new home Woodlands situated in the Grange, Edinburgh to ensure minimal energy costs achieved.
Renewables can also be integrated into older properties. One of our projects at Heriot Row, Edinburgh had a ground source heat pump system installed. We have also worked in conjunction with clients Lister Housing Association and Changeworks on a Edinburgh World Heritage funded pilot study to install 49 solar thermal panels on ‘B’ Listed Georgian tenements at Lauriston Edinburgh. A first within the World Heritage Site.
The UK Government has pledged greater support through their micro generation pay back initiatives (feed in tariff reimbursements) that will ensure these renewable energy systems are both an efficient and cost effective form of investment.
Such has been our enthusiasm in promoting renewables that my brother Roderick Macneal and I established Solar & Wind Applications in 2002, a company that are now leaders in this field.
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