Pre Purchase Advice

We offer Pre Purchase Advice in order to assist you in finding your ideal property. We have various connections throughout Scotland and work closely with a number of local Estate Agents to offer this service.

For £100 plus VAT we can arrange to meet with you at any property and impart sound advice to allow you to decide whether to purchase or not.
We also recommend pre-application meetings with the Planning Department should this be required to give you feedback at an early stage on the likelihood of the project obtaining approval.

Some of the questions we are often asked by potential clients:

Will I get planning permission?

Can I build a dormer window?

Can I remove an internal wall?

Can I form an extension?

Can I subdivide this room?

Can I demolish this outbuilding?

Can I install an ensuite?

Can I install solar panels or other renewable energy systems?

How much will this all cost?

If you are looking to buy a new property, please contact us if you require pre purchase advice.

Have a project in mind? We would like to hear from you!